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Narrative analysis and THE LOOKOUT

Applying semiotics to MEMENTO & THE LOOKOUT

To practice semiotics, choose one sign that the film makers in either case use to show how Leonard or Chris orient themselves in time and space. Break that sign down into its main components, signifier and signified, or take your analysis even further by discussing the sign in terms of its denotative and connotative meanings and/or what kind of sign it is - metaphorical, metonymic, synecdochical. 


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Brandon F

In the movie memento Lenard uses the tattoos to orient himself the tattoos represent memories that he feel are important. this is the signifier meaning. we the audience see and feel that it represents his memories and not just memories but permanent memories. the dark tattoos also represent a dark turn in Lenard's life and the random way that Lenard's places the tattoos on his body shows the audience the random and fractured life that Lenard now lives. this is the signified meaning

Drew E.

I think it's easier to look at Lenard rather than Chris in this topic. Lenard uses many tools to help himself remember things, such as tattoos, and photos. These tools are his new way of creating memories, they are the signifier. The signified is harder to pin down, but I think Brandon explained it pretty well. I think I could also add that the fact that he will always follow what is written on the photo, or tattoo, shows that he always trusts his own word. We even see him falsify his own notes knowing that he will believe them later.

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